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Compressed air system maintenance
answers to your questions!

What kind of oil should I use for my compressor?

Piston : non-detergent, 40
Screw : synthetic oil M-460
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Why do I have water in my compressed air network?

Water is present in ambient air. When air is compressed in the air line, it will release condensate, making water particles in the network. To solve this problem, you need adequate air treatment for your system.

Why am I losing pressure in my compressed air network?

Pressure lost is usually caused by more demand than the capacity of your compressed air system. It may also be caused by leaks, artificial demand, frozen dryer, etc. in your system.
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How to recover heat and vent hot air?

By ducting your compressor, it is possible to recover about 80% of the heat generated (1HP = +/- 2500 BTU / hour).
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Do you repair compressors?

Yes, we repair piston compressors, screw compressors or blowers on-site or in our workshop.
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When should I do maintenance?

Maintenance is determined by the number of hours of use and quality of ambient air.
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Why put an air receiver?

An air receiver can compensate for infrequent air demands; it will help reduce the air pressure fluctuations in your network. Air stability enables ease of control and productivity; it builds your energy.
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What’s the cost of air leaks ($)?

TOO EXPENSIVE, the cost varies depending on the pressure and the orifice diameter. We can determine the associated costs by auditing your system.

Should I install a piston or screw compressor?

The choice must be studied and determined depending on use. A piston compressor cannot work more than 50% of its running time. The screw compressor can work 100 % of the time. Contact us to analyze your needs.

How do I choose the right compressed air system for my application?

With a compressed air analysis, you will be able to choose your compressed air system. We offer training and our technical advisors can help you choose well.

What will happen to my compressor if I do not follow the recommended maintenance?

An unmaintained compressor will generate shutdown problems, additional costs and premature wear of your system, please contact us for an evaluation.

What happens if I have water in my network?

The water in the network will damage your tools, pneumatic valves, cylinders and generate rust in your instruments that uses compressed air, causing air leaks and unnecessary consumption. See our audit and air analysis service for more information.

What is a perfect compressor room?

Compressor room must have the right size and suitable ventilation, free of dust. Dirt can cause problems to the compressors and air treatment systems. Have the ideal space to install all components of the compressed air system, the right electrical panel, floor drain for the condensate removal, etc. Remember that it is possible to recover the heat from the ambient air. Come to one of our training sessions to learn more.